Knocked Loose – A Tear In The Fabric Of Life

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  • Limited Edition 12" EP On Coloured Vinyl
  • Includes Digital Download

Citing death metal and Phil Spector as influences, the Kentucky metalcore band turn in an absurdly heavy EP that tells an even heavier story about death and grief.

It’s their most dynamic and contained offering to date, and a balancing act: a mid-length EP with grand ambitions and scope, one full of new sonic elements and a cohesive aesthetic that hangs onto Knocked Loose’s trademark anthemic delivery.

A Tear in the Fabric of Life is a story written by Knocked Loose frontman/lyricist Bryan Garris and comes to life within an extraordinary animated film directed and created by Swedish filmmaker Magnus Jonsson, who is known for his visual curiosity and often exploring dark themes, in abstract and surreal worlds.


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