Fred again.. / Brian Eno - Secret Life

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Secret Life was produced by Brian Eno and Fred Gibson (aka Fred again..) between April 4, 2020 - December 23, 2022. According to Four Tet, who is releasing the album on his label Text Records, describes it as "the most beautiful album of 2023".

The son of members of the British peerage and descendant of English aristocrats, Fred again.. first met Brian Eno, when he was 16 after being invited by a family friend to join an acapella group rehearsal hosted by the ambient music legend.

A profile in The Guardian notes that if the young artist wasn't making tea or tidying up song sheets for the group, he was talking synths and bringing song sketches to Eno. After mentoring Fred again.. for two years, Eno enlisted him to co-produce his pair of albums with Underworld's Karl Hyde, 2014's Someday World and High Life.

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