Face To Face – No Way Out But Through

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Face To Face are a rarity in the music world: A band that not only helped define a sound, but who continue to fine-tune their music with each subsequent release. This is undoubtedly true of the band's tenth full-length "No Way Out But Through", a melodic-punk masterpiece teeming with blistering guitar riffs, fleet-fingered basslines and vocal harmonies that are so infectious they'll be rattling around your brain for weeks on end.

Then again this should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed face to face's 30-year history. While their sound is rooted in the West Coast punk genre they helped pioneer, "No Way Out But Through" raises the sonic bar when it comes to songwriting, arranging and musicianship. While at lot of bands celebrating their 30th anniversary are releasing reissues and retreading their past, face to face have crafted one of the most vital and energized albums of their career.

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