Dystopia – Dystopia

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Dystopia is the third and final studio album by Dystopia. It was recorded in 2004-2005 and was released shortly after the band broke up in February 2008 on Life is Abuse Records. Lyrically, the album focuses on cynicism and paranoia developed during the internet era. Out of print for over a decade, Tankcrimes finalized having the entire Dystopia catalog once again available in physical formats.

Dystopia = Doom-ridden, metal-laced, down-tuned punk with a "Love Earth-Hate People" philosophy. The destructive nature of humans was interpreted by three dirt bags from California using guitars, drums, samples, and voice. Dystopia could be labeled a crossover between crust punk and sludge metal, but that would merely be scratching the surface. They are one of those bands that wholly possess their own sound.

Their self-titled album is the final chapter in their abysmal, misanthropic existence. “An endless downward spiral of misery and pain” is part of a lyric on “Leaning With Intent to Fall”. These words seem to be an appropriate way to describe Dystopia. The band has always focused on the negative – the inevitable corruption that plagues politics, drug abuse, domestic abuse, violence, and suicide are just some of the unpleasant aspects of modern life that Dystopia dwells on.

Their final release is as negative as ever; a deep-rooted hatred of society runs through their music. The band is able to channel that negative energy into something truly creative. This album contains Dystopia’s #1 streamed track “My Meds Aren’t Working” (3 million streams!) and 5.5M streams on the album.

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