Dope Lemon - Kimosabe

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  • Limited Edition LP On 'Sea Blue' Coloured Vinyl

The fourth album by singer/songwriter Angus Stone released under the alias Dope Lemon.

Kimosabè is a divine, open-armed, open-ended universe. It's the first Dope Lemon album that reveals the face of Angus Stone, the project's impresario himself, on the album's cover, because this album is everything that is Angus Stone/Dope Lemon.

On the previous three albums, the artwork was pretty anonymous, shielding the creator of prejudice and expectations while exploring the styles of Dope Lemon. On Kimosabè Angus reflects on his childhood and also finds a path of where he wants to be moving forward. If his real identity was ever to be revealed on an album cover, this is the one.



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