Delorean - Subiza

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Subiza, named after the bucolic Basque town in which it was recorded, is Delorean's debut album on the True Panther label (home of GIRLS). The album has been mixed by Chris Coady (BEACH HOUSE, GRIZZLY BEAR, TV ON THE RADIO), and is the band's most defining work to date. Fusing relentless hands-in-the-air club rhythms with shimmering melodies, 'Subiza' is the record it took Delorean ten years to evolve into. The dance-club rhythms and airy melodies they have toyed with in the past are fused and textured, making for a deeply obsessive, hypnotic album that retains the easy appeal of great pop music. Delorean have delivered remixes for bands such as THE XX, COLD CAVE, THE MYSTERY JETS and THE BIG PINK

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