Chore - The Coastaline Fire

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On their third album, The Coastaline Fire, the Dunnville, Ontario, quartet Chore transcend the emo-core formula with terrific songs. Waves of guitar, soaring vocals, angst-filled lyrics, and crashing tempos inform, but don't limit, tracks like "The Hitchhiker" and "Electrojet." Expert at building and releasing tension, Chore easily slip from wide-open verses into densely packed choruses on tunes like "Dog in the Manger," while they prove on "Burr" and "American Machinist" that they can rock as hard as the next Jesus Lizard.

General dissatisfaction hangs over the lyrics while the band plants hooks you don't even know are there until you find yourself singing along to "I'm past the point of no return" (from "By God"). "Virginia Creeper" closes the album with a suitably grandiose strings and electric guitar finale that leaves the listener drained but satisfied.

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