Bill Evans & Jim Hall – Undercurrent

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Bill Evans and Jim Hall Undercurrent on Numbered Edition LP from Mobile Fidelity Silver Label.

If Bill Evans brought a kind of muted, ingeniously subtle body of innovations to jazz piano, then perhaps his only parallel in the realm of jazz guitar is Jim Hall. But for all their advances on their instruments, neither Evans nor Hall ever made themselves sound forbidding. And when they joined forces for this session, they sounded fantastically in-step and interwoven, with piano and jazz falling together into a pool of streaming improvisation on mostly slow-tempo pieces.

Evans's sense of time and chord placement gets continual book-ends from Hall, who places his diaphanous strums in just the right places to not brook Evans's creative flow but rather to join in it and play almost alchemically. These are calm pieces, maybe too calm considering the constant turbulence in Evans's life. But the pair hit such a high mark with this recording that it reaches the intellect and the emotions at precisely the same instant. Quite a feat. 

In tackling standards such as Rodgers and Hart's "My Funny Valentine" and the Broadway classic "Darn That Dream," as well as the Hall original "Romain," the pair traverses complex harmonies with the astute elegance of a figure skater. At times, Evans and Hall go for broke on a hard-swinging romps, yet it's their implied melancholy and drifting, softly struck melodic refrains on waltzes and ballads that bestows Undercurrent with a nuanced romanticism and whispered atmosphere befitting the record's title.



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