Bad Religion – Generator

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  • 30th Anniversary Edition LP On Green & Clear Galaxy Vinyl

Generator knocks about stirringly with a steadfast, mid-tempo punk roar, keeping the songs simple but continually on the upsurge. Brett and Greg Hetson's guitars piggyback to ever-rousing heights, utilizing the essential chords and keeping limits on flashy things like solos or effects, never letting the enthusiasm or sentiment wane.

With all players striving to turn each listening experience into a placard-waving melee, Bad Religion emblazons honest, dissatisfied-with-the-status-quo lyrics with an uberpunk spirit, Greg Graffin's vocals growing more gravelly and endearing with each record. With the implicit understanding that strength lies in brevity, Bad Religion hew mighty exhortations to action out of a well-trampled happy-punk base, and the sheer motivational impact of the songs sweeps clear any charges of oversimplification or sameness. "Generator" is a brutal noise that is louder, faster, and angrier than ever! A plethora of power punching punk pedagogy.

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