André 3000 – New Blue Sun

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André Benjamin - best known as André 3000 - is one of the most celebrated artists of the last three decades, an auteur whose work in music, film, fine arts, and fashion, continues to influence the cultural landscape on a global scale. As one half of Outkast, André established a brand new voice within rap that had never been experienced before when the pair emerged in the early ’90s.

New Blue Sun is André 3000's debut solo album, and a new direction as he explores a merging of new age, ambient jazz, and electronic sounds into a gorgeous flute-centric album. Leading up to the album release, André 3000 made media appearances playing flute in public settings. He appeared as a flautist on the score for the 2022 film Everything Everywhere All at Once.

"New Blue Sun is the continuation of discovery for me. My entire career has been fueled by this and it is the only thing that keeps me honest. This album is the most honest and interesting offering I can give today. I never could have imagined in high school, when I started rapping and doing music that I would be here right now playing wind instruments. Ha. This life ride always surprises me. I’m here for it.” — André 3000

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