House Of Pain – House Of Pain (Fine Malt Lyrics)

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Tommy Boy Records celebrates the 30th anniversary of House of Pain's debut album House of Pain (Fine Malt Lyrics) with this remastered, limited edition vinyl release.The 1992 record is home to such massive singles like "Jump Around", "Top O' The Morning To Ya" and "Shamrocks and Shenanigans".

Everlast, DJ Lethal, and Danny Boy formed House of Pain while attending high school and were signed to Tommy Boy Records after fashioning themselves as rowdy Irish-American hooligans, hitting the local rap and alternative music scene. 

House of Pain (Fine Malt Lyrics) also features Cypress Hill member B-Real on the song "Put Your Head Out" and Funkdoobiest's Son Doobie on "House and the Rising Sun", both members of the musical collective known as Soul Assassins.

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