Flatliners - Cavalcade

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Since their breakout release 'The Great Awake', THE FLATLINERS have been touring the world with a tenacity that would make the most road-hardened veterans weary. The only possible downside of the band's relentless trek is that it left them with little time to record their follow up full-length. Fortunately, at long last the wait is over with the release of 'Cavalcade'. The twelve tracks on the album reflect the maturation the band has undergone over the past three years with intelligently crafted songs that still brandish the band’s youthful passion and exuberance. The forceful guitars, gruff vocals, and vigorous rhythms that have become the hallmark of The Flatliners are elevated to an advanced level on 'Cavalcade'. The songs lean toward a pithy, more thought out sound, without losing a bit of the catchiness that shrouds their past material.

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