Fit For A King – The Hell We Create

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Trauma and tragedy transfer from one generation to the next. As difficult as it may be, we still possess the power to break the cycle and start anew. Fit For A King ponder the pain of these cycles and the possibility to end them on their seventh full-length offering, The Hell We Create. The Texas quintet explore this ebb and flow with a deft, yet delicate balance of sharp metallic intensity and soaring melodic energy.

Drawing on real-life experiences, the band members collectively rallied around Ryan and his family as they endured seemingly unending turbulence The album is a reflection of the events that happened throughout the pandemic, recalls Ryan.

In short, my wife and I adopted children and had to home school them. She almost died from a stroke. The Hell We Create is by far the deepest and most personal record we've ever written. Falling Through the Sky" represents the mental struggles I had dealt with during the pandemic, and how little my upbringing prepared me to deal with it.

Between adopting two children, my wife having constant health issues, and me losing almost 70% of my income, I was an absolute wreck. I thought my religious upbringing and faith would be enough to help me when adversity struck, but when the tidal wave came, I struggled immensely. So many think just having faith is enough to pull you through anything life throws at you, but the reality is, it makes a lot of us complacent in our personal growth.

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