Everything But The Girl - Walking Wounded

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Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn of Everything But The Girl have done their share of style-hopping over the course of their career. EBTG's 1996 record Walking Wounded, finds the duolanding, good as new, onto the dance floor with a batch of songs based around techno-derived beats. The shift toward electronica may seem extreme for a group that courted adult audiences, but given the huge success of their 1994 beat-driven remix single "Missing", the rewards of embracing club sounds had already been well proven.

Walking Wounded features the singles "Wrong", "Before Today", "Single" and the title track "Walking Wounded". EBTG retains a maturity on this record that shouldn't alienate old fans.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Buzzin' Fly Records in 2019. Half speed mastered by long-time Everything But The Girl sound engineer Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios. Mike is one of only a handful of engineers specializing in half-speed mastering that uses new techniques to more faithfully reproduce the sound of original master tapes.

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