Dry Cleaning - Boundary Road Snacks And Drinks / Sweet Princess

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  • Limited Edition 12" EP On 'Transparent Blue' Coloured Vinyl

In March 2018, the group recorded their 6-track debut EP Sweet Princess with producer Kristian Craig Robinson in a single day. Two months later, they played their first live show and released the EP in August. Sweet Princess was a thrilling debut, its dizzying and restless instrumentals with Shaw’s sardonic vocals delivering a satirical collage of witty observations and social commentary.

A further 6 songs in the form of the Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks EP quickly followed two months after. It was named in tribute to the band’s rehearsal space in Maynard’s family’s home, and to his mother Susan whose home-cooked meals sustained the four friends in between sessions.

With singles like ‘Sit Down Meal’ and ‘Viking Hair’, Boundary... is a powerful companion to Sweet Princess. They share a similar pent-up energy, unsurprising given they came to life in the same environment, an environment that had a huge influence on the band during those formative years.

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