Dope Lemon – Rose Pink Cadillac

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  • Limited Edition 2LP On Pink Vinyl

Slinking out of the silky darkness of the midnight hour towards the blissed out champagne pinks and purples of twilight, Angus Stone returns with his beloved, intrepid Dope Lemon project. So say the people: the third album is one to keep ears and eyes peeled for, and we believe this is a true testimony for his third heavy thinking Lemon album. Stone steps away from the observatory of space from his earlier records and towards something glitzier and glammier but no less thoughtful.

This time, it's all about true love, manifesting the bright silver clouds that only exist in your deepest dreams, meeting that dream girl you thought was a figment of your imagination. The Rose Pink Cadillac has arrived right on time, and there's a ticket in your hot little hands to jump in and go for a ride.

Rose Pink Cadillac was written and recorded by Stone under the spectre of global turmoil. It's sun kissed, unabashedly romantic outlook persists in spite of that: this is a paean to the spell that love puts us all under at one point or another, and an appeal to try and find that rarest of feelings even in times of strife. This is a record to put on with your loved ones, to let envelop and overtake you with its wash of feeling. There's a seat for all of us in the Rose Pink Cadillac.


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