Decapitated ‎– The First Damned

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  • Limited Edition LP On Red With Black Splatter Vinyl

The road to heavy metal glory is littered with musicians that didn't have the talent, the opportunity or the dumb luck to make the grade. But sometimes greatness is present from the very start, and it's bands with that magical, ill-defined, special something that seem to follow a predestined path to triumph. That is certainly true of Poland's Decapitated, who are widely and justly recognized as one of the most important and consistent death metal bands of the 21st century.

With an idiosyncratic and always crushing sound that has been relentlessly copied but never equaled, the band led by guitarist Waclaw ‘Vogg’ Kieltyka are contemporary legends with a near-flawless creative catalogue. "The First Damned" is a compilation of Decapitated's demos "Cemeterial Gardens" (1997) and "The Eye of Horus" (1998).


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