Cigarettes After Sex - Cry

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Cigarettes After Sex returned with their much-anticipated sophomore album in 2019. Cry is a lush, cinematic meditation on the many facets of love, and was self-produced and engineered by Greg Gonzalez. Featuring "Heavenly" and "Hentai."

Recorded in a stunning house on the Spanish island of Mallorca, the collection reflects the uneasy beauty, erotic longing, and stark minimalism of the space, all smooth lines and soft light. Energized by the fresh palette and setting, Gonzalez would write songs just minutes before recording them with the band - drummer Jacob Tomsky, bassist Randy Miller, and keyboardist Phillip Tubbs. He engineered and produced the sessions himself, with an emphasis on capturing live performances and exploring the material together in dialogue with the house and with each other.

Cry, the relatively swift follow-up to their self-titled debut album is, if anything, even more moody, subtle, and ethereal, masterfully swooning into the sublime on songs such as "Kiss It Off Me," an addictively warm hug of a song that may have welcome, wandering hands. "Tell me it's love, tell me it's real," Gonzalez pleads on the lilting, softly embracing "Heavenly," reflecting the yearning nature of his songwriting.

Gonzalez's trademark Parker Fly drenched in candy-colored reverb characterizes the album-mystical and intimate, much like the lyrics on "You're the Only Good Thing In My Life." "Laying in the sun/Never need to tell me when you come/Because you know that I can just feel it," Gonzalez sings, his level of lyrical honesty and detail as precise and moving as his playing.


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