Cannibal Corpse – Gore Obsessed

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When Gore Obsessed kicks off with the terrifying “Savage Butchery”, it is only a taste of the brutality that is held within this album. This album is standard Cannibal Corpse, complete with all the blast beats and hyper-fast technical riffing that all of the fans love.

All the band members deliver the goods on this record, Alex Webster still rules on the bass (check out “Mutation of the Cadaver”) and George Fisher has one of the best voices in death metal. He is a much better vocalist than Chris Barnes (see Six Feet Under) ever was and ever will be. He sings with more clarity and seems to put more feeling into his singing. And *gasp* you can understand what he is saying most of the time!

Gore Obsessed is not only the best Cannibal Corpse record with Fisher, but it is also one of the better Cannibal Corpse records. I definitely think death metal fans should pick this one up!

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