Cannibal Corpse – Bloodthirst

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Released just a year after “Gallery of Suicide”. “Bloodthirst” is another bold statement of gore and mass carnage. This is the second album to feature Pat O’Brien on guitars, continuing to strengthen the band and contributing more to the songwriting/album creation.

“Boodthrist” is one of the most straightforward albums you’ll hear from CC. Right from the incredible album opener “Pounded into Dust” it doesn’t fuck around, for the whole 35 minutes this album runs it will split your spine apart.

Filled with frantic riffage and tremolos, sinister grooves, and slower sections along with the barbaric squealy solos. It’s a short head-banging fest that will please any death metal fan. Once again proving that you can still sound and write fresh and energetic songs/albums without doing anything new or groundbreaking.

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