Buck Meek – Haunted Mountain

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  • Limited Edition LP On Green Vinyl

Haunted Mountain is the third solo album from Big Thief guitarist Buck Meek. The 2023 record includes the singles "Paradise", "Haunted Mountain" and "Cyclades".

Pitchfork's Stephen M. Deusner notes that Meek "specializes in a philosophical strain of songwriting, one that is still personal but not necessarily confessional. His songs aren’t merely vessels for stories, but prompts for reminiscences, tools to stir up the dust in the darker corners of his mind. Haunted Mountain is full of songs about getting lost and finding yourself, about the pleasure of disorientation and the new perspective reorientation can bring.

He gets lost in memories, in daydreams. He gets lost on a mountain, in the eyes and kisses of a lover. Meek sings the title track like he’s lost his way and is happier for it: 'Now that I live here on this haunted mountain/I know I’m never coming down.' "

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