Black Flag – Everything Went Black

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Released as both a clearing house and as a stopgap release in 1982, Everything Went Black would end up informing both Black Flag’s past and future. Originally released without the name “Black Flag” on the cover, and only the band members' names, the compilation was SST records attempt to fly under the radar and generate some income during the perilous Unicorn/Black Flag lawsuit. It didn’t work. The band was nabbed in the act and a few members and associates actually wound up doing some time for violating the court order preventing the band from releasing material.

As if these recordings needed any more mythos associated with them! Although Nervous Breakdown would set the underground punk scene on fire, and wile Keith Morris’ sardonic, cagey delivery would go on to impress and inform thousands of future punk rockers, there was a scant four Black Flag tracks to his name prior to Black. As Black Flag seemed to operate in cycles, the same could be said of Ron Reyes as well as Dez Cadena. Little did fans know that for each vocalist, there was nearly a full album’s worth of material- the same material mind you, but unreleased material none the less.


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