Atmosphere - Mi Vida Local

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  • 2LP Vinyl
  • Includes exclusive coloured 7" featuring two bonus songs
  • Includes digital download code

It's a different place than it was two years ago, when Atmosphere released their last record, Fishing Blues. Their seventh album, Mi Vida Local, reflects the ways in which the world"Õand their place in it"Õhas changed. The idyllic domesticity of the past few records has morphed into anxiety over keeping loved ones safe during turbulent times. The easygoing collaboration between Ant and Slug has started to feel more like the life-or-death intimacy of two men trapped together on a lifeboat. At times, Mi Vida Local is a heavy album, ("I might be the last generation of grandparents," goes a key line from "Virgo"), but it's far from grim. As the name implies, Mi Vida Local is intensely focused on the place it was created"Õthe southside of Minneapolis"Õwhere Slug and Ant work tirelessly in their "beautiful basements", refining their sound without interruption, save for a handful of Minneapolis friends that showed up to contribute.

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