Aesop Rock – Skelethon (10th Anniversary Edition)

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  • 10th Anniversary Edition 3LP Set On 'Creme & Black Marbled' Coloured Vinyl
  • Includes 12" Ultra Clear UV Printed Vinyl With 4 Bonus Tracks

Initially released in 2012, Aesop Rock's sixth studio album Skelethon marked a significant moment in the rapper’s career. It had been 5 years since his previous effort None Shall Pass was released, and his former label had since been shuttered. As a result, Skelethon became his first solo release on Rhymesayers Entertainment. Coincidentally, it was also his first album that was entirely self produced.

The album's title, a portmanteau of "skeleton" and "telethon,” was a metaphor for what felt like a long period of many adversities for Aesop. Throughout the album’s 15 tracks, he meticulously exhumes and examines these many skeletons in detail, exploring everything from death to distrust, insecurity and isolation, with moments of humor and hope scattered throughout as well. Some of the many standout tracks from the release include "Zero Dark Thirty," a rapid-fire exploration of displeasure over dizzying drums, “ZZZ Top,” an impressive ode to youthful expression, and "Cycles to Gehenna," with its haunting production and imaginative musings.

Upon release, Skelethon was praised for its intricate storytelling that expertly balanced abstract imagery with concrete details, and its immersive production incorporating sample- based beats with dusty pianos, distorted guitars, and psychedelic synths. To this day, the album remains a fan favorite and a critical darling, praised for its poignant introspection and razor-sharp wordplay.


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