Reverend Bizarre - In The Rectory Of The Bizarre Reverend

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  • Housed in a gatefold cover stamped with copper foil and includes an 8-page booklet.

Over the length of their relatively short, yet remarkably productive, career, Reverend Bizarre distinguished themselves as a highly literate and darkly humorous band, and one of the doom metal genre's most ardent conservationists and crusaders. The Finnish doom trio's 2002 debut, In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend, is positively steeped in the sounds of Black Sabbath's first six albums, Candlemass, Saint Vitus, Pentagram and the Maryland doom scene. But it's also audacious and original; In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend may have been designed as a vehicle to pay homage to doom's forefathers, but it transcends pastiche from its opening notes.

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