Pearl Jam - Backspacer

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  • Die-Cut Gatefold Sleeve
  • Contains 24-page full-color booklet containing lyrics and cartoon drawings.

Backspacer, Pearl Jam’s ninth album, backspaces to that boyishspirit, with the shortest, tightest, punkiest tunes they’ve ever bangedout. The whole album is done and dusted in 37 minutes, a record forthese guys. Unlike your average long-running rock band, Pearl Jamstarted off specializing in slow, ruminative, rope-a-dope ballads anddidn’t have any instinctive knack for playing it fast or loud. On theirearly records, punk nuggets like “Spin the Black Circle” were justfiller, and you sat through them because you were waiting for the nextawesomely slack-jawed torch song á la “Black” or “Daughter.” ButBackspacer comes out swinging with “Gonna See My Friend,” “Got Some” and”The Fixer” — a nine-minute trio of gut-punchers that get themomentum rushing like no other Pearl Jam album openers ever.

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