Nicolas Jaar - Space Is Only Noise

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Space Is Only Noise is the first album by a precocious young producer, Nicolas Jaar. By anyones estimations his arrival into the electronic music sphere has been unavoidable, receiving comparisons to Villalobos and AFX from The Guardian, providing one of Resident Advisor's most adventurous mixes to date and practically having Panorama Bar, Fabric and Bar25 eating out of his hands - all before he'd turned 20! His string of releases for the like-minded Wolf+Lamb Music and his own Clown & Sunset label and remixes for Matthew Dear and Ellen Allien have defined his sound. Purposefully slow, sensuous, and with a graceful maturity way beyond his years, all equally informed by Hip-Hop, his Chilean heritage, House music and the furthest reaches of electronica. Like the relatively recent pop/dance phenomena of Drag/Witch House, electronic Cumbias and Dubstep, his music signifies a sea change towards exaggerated energy efficiency, dropping the tempo to up the groove and deftly filling the space left behind with supremely sophisticated musical decisions drawing further comparisons to everyone from his beloved Satie and Mulatu Astatke to DJ Shadow. Space Is Only Noise is far from being your conventional House music album and should be filed in your 'hugely promising debut' stack.

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