Minus The Bear – Omni

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  • Limited Edition 2LP On Neon Green Vinyl

It’s no secret Seattle’s Minus The Bear is at the forefront of the complex indie-pop movement. With their fourth full-length, Omni, the band continues their stay at the top, but in a different way than before.

On this new album, the band turns up the pop factor more, with the inclusion of more organ parts and straightforward pop-rock songs. “Summer Angel” is a great example of this, as it has the feel of something you would hear on the radio in the middle of summer (imagine that) and would want to blare full blast with every window down. The auditory sensuality Minus The Bear captured on each album is prevalent on Omni, with each song possessing the sassy nature we all know and love. Songs like “Hold Me Down” and “Fooled By The Night” are perfect for late night shenanigans between lovers underneath moonlight and comforters.

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