Jungle Fire - Jungle Fire

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If the Godfather of Soul had started a Salsa band, it might have sounded like Jungle Fire. Originally conceived as a one-off Afro Latin funk jam between friends, Los Angeles' JUNGLE FIRE has quickly and steadily become an explosive Tropi-Funk juggernaut lighting up sold out dance floors and music festivals in several continents.

Recorded onto eight-track analog tape, the measures, beats and melodies across 10 tracks suggest some weird amalgam of "Superfly -era Curtis Mayfield, Nigerian bandleader Fela Kuti's essential work with Africa 70, the conga-powered Cuban heavy Juan Pablo Torres, James Brown's epic 1970s soul-funk, and boogaloo and salsa legend Ray Barretto. That is, an avalanche of polyrhythmic drive punctuated by brass bursts, tangled, oft-fuzzy guitar lines, the occasional human bellow and dubby bass patterns.

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