Jesus & Mary Chain - Stoned & Dethroned

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Vinyl reissue of the JESUS & MARY CHAIN's fifth album, originally released in 1994. Previously known for feedback-drenched pop songs and gothic surf/blues storms, The Jesus & Mary Chain followed a successful year of touring in 1992 by entering the studio to record an acoustic album. The sessions were the first time that principal members Jim and William Reid had embarked on a recording with a full band since their incendiary debut, but the results could not have been different. Though the hooks were still there, 'Stoned & Dethroned' emerged with a calmer, almost folk/country-tinged sound. Any feedback appears as hazy atmospherics rather than pain-inducing squeals. The sound of the album nobly approximates the drugged swagger of the classic early-70s Rolling Stones records, but with The Jesus & Mary Chain's uniquely foreboding lyrical perspective. With guest appearances from Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star) and Shane MacGowan (The Pogues)

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