Jacques Greene - Fever EP

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Jacques Greene returns with his first official music since his 2017 debut album Feel Infinite, a record that caught the wave with numerous accolades and imitators. Fever Focus is a widescreen six track ep, split over 2 vinyl which sports his best music to date. A fusion of analogue and digital House and Techno with amped up melodic sensibility. On the lead single, Avatar Beach, we hear shimmering broken trance pads stretched and spun back into something brand new.

Elsewhere on the EP there are classic acid influences (Perlant) and hints of late 90s ambient techno (Convex Mirror). Everything tooled for the club by mastering engineer Matt Colton. And beautiful illustration and artwork by New York-based Portuguese illustrator Braulio Amado. The artwork on both 12"s combine to create a complete ep. Classic euphoria cut with new technology.

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