Herman's Hermits - Their Greatest Hits

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  • 180g Vinyl

With his thick British accent and schoolboy good looks, singer Peter Noone carried Herman's Hermits through a string of '60s hits. From the swooning romanticism of "There's a Kind of Hush," to the bubblegum bop of "Into Something Good," to the quirky novelty of "I'm Henry VIII, I Am," The Best of Herman's Hermits gathers some of the Hermits' most memorable moments. Noone brought an undeniable charm to songs like "Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter," regardless of the hokey lyrics. One of the more innocent bands of the British Invasion, Herman's Hermits made contemporary music seem safe with "Listen People," "Silhouettes," and "Wonderful World." "The End of the World" remains one of the all-time great breakup songs, made all the more maudlin by Noone's heartbroken delivery

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