Guided By Voices – Sandbox

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  • Limited Edition LP On Glacial Blue Vinyl

First stand-alone reissue of this early album from Guided By Voices in thirty-five years! Even back in 1987, Guided By Voices was not content to release just one album in a year - "Sandbox" was released in the summer of that year following the appearance of "Devil Between My Toes" that February.

Likewise, in similar GBV style, the sound and approach of the two albums could not be more different. Where "Devil" mostly mines a darker, lo-fi psychedia, along with several instrumental explorations, "Sandbox" is sunny, direct, has a bigger, crunchier sound, and zero instrumentals.

Of all the band's early self-released albums, "Sandbox" differs the most from the sound fans would later associate with the group, which is in itself a recommendation.

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