Greg Puciato – Mirrorcell

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“From the balcony-diving insanity of The Dillinger Escape Plan to the dreamy darkwave of the Black Queen, Greg Puciato has long established his remarkable range — nowhere more so than on his debut solo album, 2020's Child Soldier: Creator of God, which encompasses doomy metal, synth-pop, acoustic balladry and more. His follow-up, Mirrorcell, promises to further annihilate any boundaries — especially coming off Puciato's appearance on Jerry Cantrell's country-fried solo LP, Brighten.”

Mirrorcell’s arrival caps what has been a particularly prolific period for Puciato. From The Black Queen, to his debut solo album (Child Soldier: Creator of God), Killer Be Killed’s 2020 collection (Reluctant Hero), Puciato’s contribution to Jerry Cantrell’s Brighten, and his recent collaboration with Carpenter Brut, the provocative frontman has shown just how diverse he is.

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