Girls - Father, Son, Holy Ghost

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  • 2LP Vinyl
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Girls return with their long awaited second full-length. More spacious and tuneful than either their selfmade debut or their lush EP, "Record 3: Father, Son, Holy Ghost" is a gorgeous, ambitious rock album, enlivened by flashes of innocent pop and textured by its wealth of influences and willingness to face sadness. Recorded in SF and LA with Doug Boehm and featuring a gospel choir on several tracks, the album draws from the rock songbook to tell it’s tales- it navigates from the Roy Orbison-esque heart-on-sleeve love songs the band is known for through to shoegaze, soul, metal, folk and gospel. "Father, Son, Holy Ghost" is somehow both intimate and expansive. It captures the promise of early recordings and expands to cover new ground while still providing surprises at every turn. A triumphant accomplishment.

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