Front Bottoms - Back On Top

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The Front Bottoms have delivered a powerful new album with Back On Top, their first for Fueled By Ramen. The Record is both full of departures and a continuation of the work they've been building on for years. Brian Sella (Vocals/Guitar) and Mat Uychich (Drums) have put together a vibrant array of new material with band mates Tom Warren (Bass) and Ciaran O'Donnell (Guitar, Horns, Keyboards). The growth and confidence shows in the work of this unit of four.

While there is plenty that is familiar from Mat's powerhouse drumming to Brian's acoustic guitar and a healthy dose of horns, there is also plenty that is new, including bigger rock sounds ('Motorcycle', 'West Virginia', 'The Plan (Fuck Jobs)') and surprisingly melodic vocal parts ('Cough It Out', 'Help'). There's even a guest turn from rapper GDP who takes their darker side to even darker places in the 'Historic Cemetery'.

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