EPMD - Unfinished Business

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After dropping 1988's classic debut album, Strictly Business, doubters and playa-haters wondered whether the legendary duo of Erick "E-Double" Sermon and Parrish "PMD" Smith had anything left for a follow-up. Striking back with 1989's excellent Unfinished Business, EPMD avoided the sophomore jinx by sticking closely to their winning, bass-heavy formula.

Booming "jeep-beat" production and severely laid-back drawls highlighted their career, and the formula was perfected on "So Wat Cha Sayin'" and "The Big Payback." Departing temporarily from their upbeat vibe, the duo got serious on "Jane II" and the autobiographical "Please Listen to My Demo." With an easily recognizable clutch of samples, the duo's forte was definitely in rocking parties and making heads nod.

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