Electric Wizard - Dopethrone

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Dopethrone was released by Rise Above in October 2000, to nods of underground approval, and all seemed to be going the band’s way as the internal rifts looked like they were slowly melting away under the heat of acclaim and touring demands. We now know that, eventually, personal differences proved to be greater for Bagshaw and Greening than any musical commitment. But, for Oborn, Dopethrone represents the true spirit of the band.

 “I feel we captured something special. Sure, there are flaws with the record, and I know we could have made it a lot better. But this is where Electric Wizard should be. After a few years experimenting with different sounds and styles, we are gonna get back to basics with our next record. It will be the conclusion of what we started with Come My Fanatics…, and continued on through Dopethrone.”

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