D.O.A. - Bloodied But Unbowed

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D.O.A., Canada's punk rock legends, put out two albums, four singles and two EP's in the 1st six years of their storied career. Bloodied But Unbowed is the best of that time period 1978-83.

This blazing hot quartet, led by Canada's godfather of punk Joe Shithead Keithley on vocals and guitar, along with the incredible Chuck Biscuits on drums, the rock n' roll madman Randy Rampage on bass and the outrageous Dave Gregg on guitar blazed a wide swath through western counter culture. They influenced everyone from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Green day to Rancid to NOFX to Jello Biafra to Henry Rollins.

D.O.A.'s Bloodied but Unbowed, The Damage to Date - 1978 - 1984. A compilation of some of D.O.A.'s best work to date.

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