David Bowie - Diamond Dogs

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David Bowie's 8th studio album 'Diamond Dogs debuted May 1974. Backed by the lead single "Rebel Rebel", Diamond Dogs was a commercial success, topping the charts worldwide.

George Orwell's classic tale of totalitarianism, 1984, was the inspiration for a project that David Bowie hoped would further solidify his standing as a rock visionary. Bowie was a natural artist to helm a musical companion to Orwell's allegory, since his own music exhibits an innate alienation. The concept ultimately broke down, but the music didn't.

"Rebel Rebel" has become a rock staple, while "Sweet Thing," "Candidate," and the forthright yet experimental title track (Bowie as puppet master) offer additional highlights. Still, despite such benchmarks and its conceptual flaws, Diamond Dogs is best listened to as a thematic collection.

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