Children Of Bodom - Hexed

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Formed in Espoo, Finland in 1993, Children Of Bodom had an extraordinary start to their career. Their 1990s take off was impressive, and almost all of their albums have earned platinum or gold status in Finland and over the past 25 years they've become regulars on some of the world's biggest stages.

2019 beckoned in a new era for a revitalized and bloodthirsty Hate Crew, who presented their 10th studio album "Hexed" on March 8. "Hexed" is a high-energy, up-tempo record seething with new life but also all of the Children Of Bodom trademarks that millions of fans around the world have grown to appreciate.

Their mix of melo-death meets blackened thrash with a neo-classical twist, and piercing keyboards peppered with the band's venomous vocal bile, is what makes a Bodom spread so engaging.

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