Cerebral Ballzy - Jaded & Faded

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  • Includes printed inner sleeve 
  • Includes fold out 12" lyric sheet/poster

By calling their second full-length Jaded and Faded, Brooklyn’s Cerebral Ballzy clearly aim to settle further into their chill-brah, too-carefree-to-give-a-shit station in life, right? It would be easy to assume so, especially considering how the band’s 2011 debut cribbed squarely from the collective songbook of Black Flag, Adolescents, and a handful of other bands who stained Southern California’s easy-living image back in the day. To cop a line from Bad Brains, these boys got that attitude. That much hasn’t changed on Jaded and Faded, but the script is now a bit more interesting. With help behind the boards from TV on the Radio’s eternally in-demand Dave Sitek, the band diversifies its sound just enough on its second go around to give the tunes a little more staying power.

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