Cavalera – Bestial Devastation

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  • Limited Edition LP On Orange With Black & White Splatter Vinyl

Nearly four decades into their illustrious careers, Sepultura's Cavalera brothers have re-recorded the cataclysmic debut releases that started it all for them. As the thrashers from Brazil kick back into their aggressive, primal upbringings, it becomes apparent that the bond between Max on guitar and vocals and Iggor on drums has only been strengthened immensely since their first recordings, a connection so thunderous that only those two could be creating it.

An earth-shattering bass tone is supplied by Igor Amadeus Cavalera (Healing Magic, Go Ahead And Die), while Daniel Gonzales (Possessed, Gruesome) plays lead guitar like an ear-splitting banshee. Staying true to the raw, discordant energy of the early days, the tracks are delivered like punch after punch, authentically reminiscent of the chaotic live shows of the 1980s. The quartet has captured the graveyard essence of these albums with a fresh wind, demonstrating from start to finish that "Bestial Devastation" will once again wake the dead from their crypt.

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