Caribou - The Milk Of Human Kindness

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Third album by Dan Snaith, his first recorded under the Caribou name. The first thing you notice about The Milk of Human Kindness is the emotional depth and range. Like a lost album that’s just been rediscovered in a basement for the first time since 1973, it’s part reflective, campfire-comedown, part rampage of sonic discovery, reveling in energy and motion.

Rather than a rainbow blur, the album’s sounds are distinctive and dynamic. From the carnival-esque whirl of ridiculous melodies, effusive noise, stampeding beats and furiously harmonized vocals of first single Yeti, then veering from insanely loud and aggressive bursts ('Hands First'), to military tattoos, unexpected showers of Indian bells ('Brahminy Kite'), and almost renaissance-style hip-hop laced with blissful piano melodies ('Lord Leopard, Pelican Narrows'), free-spirited musical abandon abounds. 

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