Burial - Rival Dealer

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"Burial's back. Following suit from last Christmas' 'Truant', Hyperdub present three new pieces from the shadowy producer. It's a fine salve for seasonal woes, ripping loose with running man-style rave breaks and darkcore motifs across the dystopian sonic fiction of A-side, 'Rival Dealer', whilst the flipside reveals a whole new dimension to his sound with the soaring harmonies, twinkling chime-trees and '80s power drums of 'Hiders' and the tortuous, cinematically edited narration of 'Come Down To Us'.

The heads will have a feast picking this one apart - what's up with all the references to sexuality or his newfound penchant for FM synth sounds? - and we can practically hear the synch departments licking their lips in anticipation already… but ultimately the sincerity and delivery still brings a salty bead to the duct. You know what to do."

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