Born Ruffians - Juice

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JUICE, the 6th full-length record from Born Ruffians, is a hyper, earnest, and affecting collection of rock and roll songs, written and polished over a three-year span then sewn together into a cohesive and uniquely enjoyable experience. It’s Born Ruffians—guitarist/vocalist Luke Lalonde, bassist Mitch Derosier, and drummer Steve Hamelin—as they’ve always been: on their own terms, heads against the wind until their work is done.

JUICE suggests a desperate appreciation for the major key melodies and camaraderie that are prompted when your back is against the wall. Heard on their own, each single is a neon bolt of energy and storytelling, but placed alongside and tumbling into one another from start to finish, they’re recontextualized as interlocking pieces in a sweet, punchy puzzle.

The record is a testament to where Born Ruffians have come from, and a bright, bold, pulpy mission statement for the future. However weird and overwhelming things get, Born Ruffians are back to remind us that they’re in this for the long haul.

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