Body & Full Of Hell - One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache

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  • Pressed on virgin vinyl 
  • Includes artworked inner sleeve

Through their own respective recordings, both The Body and Full Of Hell are internationally revered as forward-thinking entities of harsh music, delivering their audio torment through incredibly intense and often unorthodox methods. The Body's 2010-released "All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood" sophomore LP stands among the band's high points and remains on of the most groundbreaking and frightening albums in recent times. Their subsequent releases, including several LPs and more, have continued to expand upon this seminal release. Similarly, Full Of Hell rapidly became a favorite amongst hardcore, grind, death and noise metal fans upon their formation with an incredibly energetic and destructive live attack. Their 2013-released "Rudiments Of Mutilation" sophomore LP solidified them as one of the most damaging new acts going and since its detonation, the band's intensity and hunger for experimentation continues to magnify. 

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