Bedouin Soundclash ‎– Light The Horizon

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Light the Horizon is almost certainly the most adventurous Bedouin Soundclash release to date, dabbling in genres and assimilating influences that veer surprisingly far from the squeaky-clean reggae-pop that has come to define the band. Both “May You Be the Road” and “The Quick & the Dead” incorporate spaghetti western-style features like ethereal whistling and baritone flutes, which affords the tracks a grand scale and elevates them from your more moribund balladry. Likewise, “Brutal Hearts” is a wonderful duet with French-Canadian songstress Beatrice Martin (or Couer de Pirate, if aliases are your thing) that marks the furthest shift from the group’s aesthetic norms. These three minutes are awash with elegant string samples and offbeat percussion, with Martin trading wonderful call-and-repeat couplets and sublime harmonies with singer Jay Malinowski.


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