Beartooth - Aggressive

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  • Limited Edition Clear & Black Swirl Vinyl
  • Includes Digital Download

BEARTOOTH has as much in common with stomping metalcore as old-school punk, vintage screamo, and harder edged pop punk, with a bit of cinematic extravagance.

Whereas Disgusting was the sound of a man pushing forward, Aggressive is a battle cry vowing to never retreat back into the dark. BEARTOOTH’s second Red Bull Records full length arrives filled with unapologetic power and focused determination. It’s the inevitable result of a fiercely dedicated, immensely talented, often troubled young singer who found purpose in sharing his insecurity, hostility, and regret with likeminded people the world over, people he never dreamt would hear his music let alone connect with it.

What once belonged solely to Caleb Shomo in his basement has been shared with the world, connecting with an increasingly broad audience. Now BEARTOOTH belongs to the people as much as it did to the person. Aggressive is an inevitable evolution, as BEARTOOTH sinks its bite into the world

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