Armor For Sleep - The Rain Museum

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  • Limited Edition LP On Opaque Pink Vinyl

The story I wrote called The Rain Museum involved a post-apocalyptic world in which there is a mysterious museum in the middle of the desert. People are drawn from all over the world to the museum and choose to spend their lives staring at memories from the past instead of existing in their present time. I thought finally bringing the album into reality would be the perfect compendium to our new pandemic lives.

And then, unexpectedly, everything changed for me. As I was writing what would be the structure and music for the album, my marriage of nearly a decade fell apart. I didn’t really have anywhere to turn for an outlet, and I knew the album I was writing was this linear story which was supposed to exist outside of my own experiences, but elements from my own grieving process started seeping through the pages and into the music and lyrics.

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